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Dashka Roth Collections

Dashka has been designing and creating jewelry for nearly 40 years.  Please enjoy!
GeoSwirl Colelction by Dashka Roth
Inspired by life itself, the swirl is an ancient symbol. These pieces are all hand-forged by Dashka. Click photo for more of the "GeoSwirl" Collection!
View Dashka Roth's Filligree Collection
Inspired by the lacy wrought-iron work of the old balconies and doorways of the Historic French Quarter where I live and work. Click on photo for more of the "Filligree" Collection.
View our Fleur-de-Lys Jewelry
The fleur-de-lys is a stylized iris and has represented monarchy, royalty, virtue, spirituality, and even the military; but for many it is the unofficial heraldic coat of arms for all of New Orleans, best worn as jewelry.
View the "Shapes" Collection by Dashka Roth
Inspired by the metal itself, Dashka loves to create shapes and forge them, enjoying the malleable aspect of the metal under her hammer. Click on photo for more from the "Shapes" Collection!
Pearls and Gems
- Dashka enjoys using semi-precious and precious gems along with Tahitian as well as freshwater cultured pearls!